Castello di Vicarello Wine | Origins
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"I listened to the melody of the wind on these vibrating hills. I heard the breathing of this land and heard an echo of a past that I dreamed to become a part of. I felt my soul shudder and felt as free as the open sea, certain to have found a safe haven. The place I needed to be. On this hill, surrounded by the magical moments of the past now lost in the folds of time I closed my eyes and felt a determination, the desire for a vineyard.  Of the colors, scents and flavors to be captured in a bottle. To not just exist, but a return to life." ~ Carlo Baccheschi-Berti

The Baccheschi-Berti family

Our wines at Castello di Vicarello are made by two generations of the Baccheschi-Berti family, Carlo and eldest son Brando. Finding his inspiration in the wines of Bordeaux, Carlo sought to realised his dream of creating a wine in Tuscany akin to those of the celebrated terroir.  His strong intuition to plant specific cultivars and implement high-density planting has resulted in wines that pay homage to both. Both Castello di Vicarello and Terre di Vico may find their inspiration from Bordeaux, yet always with a strong reference to Tuscany and more specifically, Maremma.