Terre di Vico

‘A sip of life. A mindful youth who enjoys the
fullness of being. A deep expression of purple,
sharp with memories of lavender, tinted in
green with a trace of balsamic. Only the
beginning of a story: golden nutmeg and light
tobacco and never ceasing to surprise. Between
pink pepper berries and rosemary notes,
relaxed and dense tannins gently awaken the
senses. the one who knows how to entertain
without ever becoming intrusive. It does not
end, but continues to become…’

Sangiovese 70%, Merlot 30%
Vine Training System
Sangiovese Cordon pruned to 3 – 4 spurs
Merlot Cordon pruned to 4 – 5 spurs
Plant Density
Sangiovese & Merlot 11834 plants / ha
Production Per Hectare
Sangiovese 6000 kilos / ha
Merlot 5500 kilos per / ha
Sangiovese 950 grams / plant
Merlot 850 grams / plant
By hand into small crates. Second selection also
made by hand upon entrance to the winery.
In 3000 liter conical wooden vats of Slavonian
oak and vats of stainless steel. Temperature of
< 28° celsius. Length of time differs depending
on the characteristics of each years’ grapes.
Sangiovese 24 months in 500 liter French oak
Merlot 24 months in 225 liter French oak
18 months in glass